Here's What Some Of Our Ninja Teachers Have To Say About Us

Andrew earns $20 per hour and pays $270 per month on accommodation while living in Vietnam.

We helped Alex P. get a job in Korea (and a job in Vietnam 1 year later!)

Galen made $1500 - $2000 / month and lived off $500 / month after doing the Vietnam course.

Leslie started teaching English in Korea through our school network.

Charles on our April TEFL course gives some tips and advice.

We found Kyle a job through our network of schools in Vietnam and he now works for Ninja Teacher too!

Kevin D took our course in Vietnam and gave it an 11/10!

Eva joined signed up for our Vietnam course.

Alex chats to new teachers at the welcoming dinner of our Ninja Teacher Vietnam course.

Playlist of videos about our Vietnam TEFL course.

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