Our Story

ninja teacher teach english abroad

Ninja Teacher was founded by Alex Stevenson who has been living in Asia since 2013. He taught English in both Korea and Vietnam and started Ninja Teacher with the goal of helping others begin their own journeys.

We're now the leading TEFL company in Vietnam with over 300 sign ups per year.

Our main offer is a comprehensive program that includes everything from teacher training, arrival support and a guaranteed job.

Meet The Team

These are your go-to people when it comes to teaching English abroad.

When you apply for options with us you're be assigned one of these great human beings to help you with all thing getting-started-teaching!

​They'll help guide you towards making the best choice of country based on your preferences and will be there to help you through the entire process.

Why Teach English Abroad?

TEFL (Teaching English as A Foreign Language) is one of the best ways to see the world, immerse yourself in a new culture and make good money. Many people use the opportunity to fund a great lifestyle and save - all the while making a difference by brightening the future's of Asia's English language learners.

Where Should You Teach?

We help you get started teaching in  VietnamThailand or online. We've created detailed pages with links to everything you need to know so head over there for more info.

Why these countries? They're some of the top teaching destinations in the world - they allow you to live fantastic lifestyles with good job options and the whole of South East Asia to explore.

teach english abroad

How To Choose Your Destination?

Thailand - One of our favorite countries in the world! The Land of Smiles, amazing beaches and food!

Vietnam offers the vibrancy and warmth of South East Asia's culture, friendly locals and one of the best salary to living cost ratios in the world.

Online - work from anywhere in the world with Wi-Fi connection. Teaching English online is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to make money online and travel the world.

How Do You Get Started?

We offer a complete program including quality in-person teacher training and a guaranteed job. Schools are moving away from hiring people with online certifications so we only offer quality face-to-face training to make sure you're confident in the classroom and land a great job.


Schools really want to see you have actual teaching ability and our in-class courses give you valuable hands on training and a internationally recognized certification. See our programs in Vietnam and Thailand for more information.