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Fully In Person 150 Hour TEFL Course With Accommodation

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 Do You Want More Adventure In Your Life? Are you Tired of the Rat Race...?

A lot of don't know what they want to do with their lives...

They feel unfulfilled in their current jobs, are lacking adventure, and have student loans to pay off! 

They're worried they aren't making a difference in other people's lives, are unable to save money, can't afford an great lifestyle...

It's tough to live an amazing lifestyle these days with the everyday responsibilities and pressures of our western lives!

The may even be struggling to find a good job...

These are very real issues a lot of us encounter and our society reinforces the never-ending cycle of frustration!

Are You Worried You're Missing Out On Seeing The World? Are You Feeling Unfulfilled And Craving More Freedom?

It's extremely hard to see the world and experience new cultures with only a few weeks of vacation time...

While some people get lucky and have jobs that allow them to travel a lot, even then they barely get to spend any time soaking up the diverse cultures of the countries they visit!

A lot of us choose careers we are passionate about, only to realize the actual our jobs are NOT what we expected them to be! We often work long hours with very little free time!

The work is often unfulfilling and we feel like a cog in the machine - not actually making a difference in other peoples lives.

Not only that, but the work exhausts us and we have no energy to do things in their free time that we really love.

A 40 hour work-week quickly becomes 60 hours when the boss asks us to take on that extra project!​

So what's the solution here?!​

We work hard at jobs that take more than they give and aren't meaningful to us.

The current western job system doesn't allow us to Travel and see the world.

We have very little free time for adventure and doing things we love.

Teach English In Vietnam And Experience New Culture, Travel, Save Money and Make A Difference  

Luckily for those of us that feel this way, there's teaching English in Vietnam...

Teaching in Vietnam provides an amazing lifestyle for foreigners!

It allows you to live in and experience a new culture for an extended period of time. Picture friendly locals, infinite new mouth-watering cuisines and beautiful tropical beaches.

Vietnam offers all the vibrancy of South East Asia, with the comforts of high energy, modern cities.

​The hours for teaching English are typically between 15 - 25 hours per week, a far cry from the 40 hour workweek! This leaves you with plenty of time to explore the country or work on side projects in or hobbies in your free time.

Teaching salaries are also extremely high compared to living costs, with a salary range of $1000 - $2000 per month depending on the hours you teach. When compared to how much it costs to live you start to realize how high this is!

Living a FANTASTIC lifestyle costs well under $1000 / month. You can eat out as much as you want with local meals as low as $2, go to cafes, nightclubs and live in a great apartment! Bear in mind a typical Vietnamese university graduate can expect to earn $300 - $400 / month.

This give you an astronomical ability to save, quite unlike any other country in the world! You can do the math but many people have managed to pay off massive student loans or save up for something they've always wanted to do.

Then of course there is the fact that you're really making a difference, Leaning English is a HUGE step towards brightening these students futures', opening doors that would otherwise be closed to them, and you can personally be a part of it.

  • Live in an exotic new country. Experience a new culture for an extended period of time! Picture friendly locals, infinite new mouth-watering cuisines and beautiful tropical beaches.
  • Save money. With a salary range of $1000 - $2000 per month and living a fantastic lifestyle costing well under $1000 / month, you have an astronomical ability to save money!
  •  Make a difference. Leaning English is a HUGE step towards brightening these students futures', opening doors that would otherwise be closed to them, and you can personally be a part of it!

How Do I Start My Adventure Teaching Journey? 

Now you know about the amazing opportunity but you have no idea where to start...

So I've been out in Asia for nearly 3 years and searching for the best ways to help people get started teaching.

As someone who has taught in both South Korea and Vietnam, I know exactly how daunting up and leaving for a new country can be.

​I also know how good it feels to have complete support throughout the process of arriving and beginning teaching...

And Finally We Came Up With A Complete Placement Package With An Incredible Guarantee!

Absolutely nowhere else have I seen an offer that takes as complete care of you in absolutely every step of the process of getting started teaching...

Everything from picking you up from the airport, to training you to be a great  teacher, getting you an internationally recognized in-class TEFL certification and best of all GUARANTEEING YOU A JOB!

I'm extremely excited to share with you that we're offering such a program.

Introducing TEFL In VietnamOur 4 Week Course With Free Accomodation And  A Guaranteed Teaching Job

The Complete Package And Perfect Way to Get Started On Your Journey.

The TEFL in Vietnam course includes these major benefits:

  1. 4 Week TEFL Course: Get Teaching English As A Foreign Language certified with our 150 hour fully in class and international recognized training. Nothing beats real life experience and feedback in the classroom to prepare you for and help you land a fantastic high paying job!
  2. Free Accommodation. The course includes free accommodation in a private room for the the duration of the month long course. You can opt in to be picked up right from the airport by our friendly staff and taken to the accommodation which is only 5 minutes from the course!
  3. Guaranteed Job: And yes, best of all we guarantee you a job at market rates on completion of the course. We are extremely proud to be the only course offering such a guarantee and put a lot of effort into maintaining our deep network of schools to maintain our 100% success for successful graduates of the training.

Internationally Recognized

Our TEFL course in Vietnam is one of only a few like study programs world-wide that truly has international recognition and exceeds international standards.

For certification from a TEFL course in Vietnam or another country to be internationally recognized and accepted, it must be sanctioned by a government, an accredited university or an accredited vocational training college.

Moreover, according to the British Council, minimum standards include: at least 100 hours of face-to-face instruction, 6 hours of critically assessed teaching practice and external validation.

Importantly, our TEFL course in Vietnam is accredited by the Australian Government and exceeds the standards articulated by the British Council:

1. the assessment tasks must be moderated by a reputable, external authority;

2. the TESOL course must consist of at least 100 contact hours; and

3. the course must include at least 6 hours of critically assessed teaching practice. The course exceeds this with 150 hours over 4 weeks and 12 hours of critically assessed teaching practice

Course Location

The TEFL in Vietnam course runs in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), the most modern city in Vietnam. The campus is located 30 minutes from the center of the city.

While many of the students love Ho Chi Minh City and decide to stay, you'll be well prepared to teach anywhere in Vietnam, include the provinces and the rest of Asia.

Guaranteed job

There’s no doubt about it. Teaching in Vietnam is a great way to earn money whether you do a short stint or decide to stay long term. The demand for dynamic, qualified English teachers is extremely high.

We're so confident in the quality of our certification (and that we'll prepare you to be an effective teacher) that we offer an employment guarantee to graduates of our program. Our experienced trainers and in-person practicals will prepare you to be an effective teacher, nail your interviews and demonstration classes with schools and land a great job.

You're not "placed" in a job, instead you have the freedom to choose between the best offers you receive. Schools often offer great longer term contracts with benefits but there are also great short term and flexible positions available.

We'll work with you until you obtain a job teaching in Vietnam paid at market rates. The process can be as quick as landing a job days after you graduate, although it can take 1 - 3 weeks. We have a 100% success rate of our graduates securing jobs due to the large network of schools which you get access to. We will be there to guide you throughout the period of interviewing and doing demonstration classes with these schools, or schools found through other resources we provide, until you land a job. 

Teaching Hours & Rates

Teaching jobs in Vietnam for foreigners salaries

While many western countries are struggling with high unemployment and cost of living issues, there are plenty of paid jobs in Vietnam for foreigners who have the skills and certification to teach English as foreign language (ESL).

ESL jobs in Vietnam for foreigners (native English speakers) pay an average of $15.00 per hour. Some teachers earn less working in rural areas. Others earn up to $25.00 per hour teaching at universities, colleges and in the corporate sector.

Most teaching in Vietnam for foreigners require 15 to 30 classroom hours per week. You can be assured there are more positions available teaching English as a second language than there are people to fill the positions – many times over.

While the hourly rate of pay for ESL jobs in Vietnam for foreigners is important, it needs to be balanced against the cost of everyday expenses. By any measure, Vietnam is a very cheap place to live.

Cost of living

EFL jobs in Vietnam for foreigners are available in rural, regional and city locations. In rural and regional areas, fully-furnished accommodation is often part of the employment agreement.

In the event you need to pay for your housing, furnished, western-style accommodation is readily available in the larger cities for around US $280.00 per month. Accommodation in the country-side is even cheaper.

It’s possible to eat in a restaurant anywhere in Vietnam, 3-times a day, 7-days a week and still have change from US $70.00. Local beer is 30 cents for a 500ml bottle – it’s a bit rough, but you do get used to it.

You will only pay around 25 cents for a local bus ride and $3.50 for a 45 minute journey on a motorbike taxi. Western-style coffee in a decent coffee shop costs around US $1.00 and an ice cream in a cone is 50 cents. You can see a new release movie at a modern cinema in Ho Chi Minh City for US $3.00, or go bowling for even less.

The low cost of living makes jobs in Vietnam for foreigners a very attractive proposition indeed. It is possible to save money and move forward with your life, personally and professionally.​

What is the bottom line?

Typically, ESL teaching jobs in Vietnam for foreigners deliver a take home salary somewhere between US $1,000.00 and US $2,000.00 per month, depending on where the teacher works and how many hours they work.

Jobs in Vietnam for foreigners are taxable at a rate of approximately 20%, but most employers quote and pay a net salary and then deal the Taxation Department on your behalf.

With the cost of living in Vietnam being so low, ESL teachers can realistically expect to save at least half of their income without cutting corners.

Teaching English as a second language in Vietnam certainly provides stable, ongoing employment that pays a decent income and allows for an excellent lifestyle.

Free Accommodation

The TEFL in Vietnam program comes with free, western standard accommodation within a 5 minute walk of the training center, either in one of our own residential properties or in a local hotel. Each TEFL Vietnam trainee is allocated their own, fully furnished bedroom and a private bathroom.

The facilities and fixtures in each bedroom include: air conditioning, WIFI, a double bed, lockable wardrobe, desk, swivel chair and a bedside table. Our TEFL students also have access to kitchen and laundry facilities. We want to make sure your living conditions are comfortable while you are completing the 4-week TEFL Vietnam program.

There is no doubt about it. You will have all the benefits of western standard accommodation but in a typical Vietnamese residential street, surrounded by local people – and your TEFL classmates.

Program Fee

Fee includes: Australian Government accredited & internationally recognized TEFL course in Ho Chi Minh City; western standard accommodation in Ho Chi Minh City for the duration of the training program (26 nights); a welcome dinner & drinks on the Sunday evening before your course starts; all materials & equipment; and a guaranteed English teaching job at the end, paid at market rates.

Internationally recognized TEFL / TESOL certification

Month Long Accommodation

Guaranteed Teaching English Job

Total value: $2000

Total package: $1649

The total program fee is $1649. A deposit of $412 can be made through a secure online payment to reserve your place on the program. After which the remaining balance will be due 10 days before the first day of the course.

By making the deposit for the course you confirm that you have read and agreed to the terms of service.

Course dates

The course runs every month. Spots usually fill up a month or two in advance so please check availability with me and make sure to reserve your spot well in advance.


2017: 26 Dec (2016) - 20 Jan (course full)

2017: 6 Feb – 3 March (course full)

2017: 6 Mar – 31 Mar (course full)

2017: 2 Apr – 28 Apr (course full)

2017: 8 May – 2 Jun (course full)

2017: 5 Jun – 30 Jun (course full)

2017: 3 Jul – 28 Jul (course full)

2017: 31 Jul – 25 Aug (course full)

2017: 28 Aug – 22 Sep (course full)

2017: 25 Sep – 20 0ct (HCMC course full, Hanoi spots filling fast...)

2017: 23 Oct – 17 Nov (spots filling fast...)

2017: 20 Nov – 15 Dec (spots filling fast...)

2017: 18 Dec - 12 Jan (spots filling fast...)


2018: 15 January - 9 February

2018: 26 February - 23 March

2018: 26 March - 20 April

2018: 23 April - 18 May

2018: 21 May - 15 June

2018: 25 June - 20 July

2018: 23 July - 17 August

2018: 20 August - 14 September

​2018: 17 September - 12 August

2018: ​15 October - 9 November

2018: 12 November - 7 September​

2018: 10 December - 4 Jan​uary

Here's What Some of Our Course Attendees Have To Say

Charles on our April TEFL course gives some tips and advice.

Kevin D took our course in Vietnam and gave it an 11/10!

"I Got A Job Offer Even Before The Course Was Finished..."

I started the TEFL course without having any previous experience in teaching. The course was just excellent – it covered everything a teacher needs to know before they start a teaching job.

The instructors were great, classes were very practical and gave a lot of useful and practical information that I now use on daily basis in my work. School support staff go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and support with everything they can with your lessons. School facilities are very good – equipment, books and other resources, everything is there for you to learn comfortably.

Teaching practice was also very good – I had a mix of classes of different ages and levels, very useful and valuable experience!

I am not a native speaker, and I did not have any teaching experience before, the course gave me everything I needed to start my teaching job with all necessary skills and good confidence. I have been using the knowledge and skills I got during the course on daily basis in my work now. I wholeheartedly recommend it as the school of choice for doing a TEFL course!

I got a job offer even before the course was finished – the school has an excellent network and very supportive staff who do their best to support you with finding the job.

Gayane June 15, 2016 

Catching up with some of the course students during their second week and showing one of the new accommodation buildings.

Galen made $1500 - $2000 / month and lived off $500 / month after doing the course.

"I'm Not Usually A "Review" Kind Of Girl..."

"I’m not usually a ‘review’ kind of girl. I’ll make an exception to the norm in this instance because there is a good story to tell.

I’ve been working as an ESL teacher (3 different countries) pretty much from the day after my TEFL course finished back in early 2014 – rapidly approaching 2 years.

The theoretical knowledge and teaching skills I acquired while completing the TEFL program have allowed me to pursue a long-held goal to teach and travel around the world.If you’re looking to learn a thing or two about teaching English as a second language and want a qualification that is accepted world-wide, TEFL in Ho Chi Minh City is a good place to start.

SuZannah January 03, 2016

To Reserve Your Spot, Apply Now!

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Our Job Guarantee

One of the best aspects of the course is that we guarantee a job for everyone who is accepted onto and completes course. The reason we can offer this is our deep network of schools and the fact that we do turn away about 20% of applicants who don't meet our requirements.

Alex chats to new teachers at the welcoming dinner of our Ninja Teacher Vietnam course.

"Having fell in love with Vietnam and the people after several visits, I wanted to move here permanently..."

"Having fell in love with Vietnam and the people after several visits, I wanted to move here permanently and have a change in career. I felt that I could offer the Vietnamese some of my experiences, so I searched the web and found a suitable English teaching course in TEFL in Vietnam.

I visited the school and talked with the owner about the course, accommadation and the promise of work once the course had been completed.

I then made arrangements to move from Australia to Vietnam and completed the course in December 2014. The course was everything and more that was promised and I was employed within 1 week of completion.

I have recommended this course to several people since finishing as it is an accredited certificate IV course that is accepted by many overseas countries.

So if you are looking for a life change and are prepared to give something to this wonderful country and it’s people, you would be hard pressed to do better.

Jim UpChurch April 7, 2015

Meeting new students at the welcoming evening before the course start.

Eva talks about signing up for the course.

"My dream for many years……..Become an English Language Teacher in Vietnam."

How do I get started ? This is the question I asked myself. I have two close friends who are doing a TESOL course online but unfortunately they have been having difficulties with it, and an average of six months to complete the course if your keen !

After researching TESOL courses and various options, I decided to go to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, a four week course, in Vietnam, real teachers and most importantly real Vietnamese students.

The staff were exceptional with their support and guidance and I could not fault them at all. I have been working with the Australian Government for over 20 years, mostly in a competency based training role.My experience and involvement in teaching and training does make me a little critical at times but I can honestly say that I cannot criticise TEFL in Vietnam.

Well run, well organised, well sructured and nothing is a problem to them when you need support.I met classmates, teachers and staff who are now my good friends.If you want to be an English Teacher then take my advise and enroll with TEFL in VIetnam, you will love it."


Russell talks about his experience being on the course from a pool party in Ho Chi Minh City.

Meet the students on a recent course and hear from one of our previous course students making over $2000 per month.

Ready To Get Started?

The process for applying is quite simple!

Simply fill out the form below, choose your course date and submit your application.

Óne of the team will personally get back to you if it looks like you'll be a good fit for the course...

We'll then set up a Skype call to run through the details and if all goes well I can offer you a spot on the course!

After which it's simply a matter of booking a flight and flying out to Vietnam to get started.

​So, looking forward to hearing from you and getting the ball rolling!

To Reserve Your Spot, Apply Now!

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"We look forward to meeting you in Vietnam!"

- Alex​ Stevenson

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