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Do You Want More Adventure In Your Life? 

And you're tired of the Rat Race of western living...

A lot of people are don't know what they want to do with their lives... 

They feel unfulfilled in their jobs, are lacking adventure and freedom.

They may even be struggling to find jobs or have student loans to pay off! 

They're want to make more of a difference in people's lives, are unable to save money, can't afford an great lifestyle...  

It's tough to live an amazing lifestyle these days with the everyday responsibilities and pressures of our western lives.

These are very real issues a lot of us encounter and our society reinforces the never-ending cycle of frustration!

Are You Worried You're Missing Out On Seeing The World? 

It's extremely hard to see the world and experience new cultures with only a few weeks of vacation time...

Not many people have jobs that allow them to travel a lot...

Most people never have time to soak up diverse cultures of the countries of the world! 

A lot of us choose careers we are passionate about, only to realize the actual our jobs are NOT what we expected them to be! We often work long hours with very little free time! 

Not to mention they rarely feel like theyre makig a difference in peoples lives. 

 Not only that, but the work exhausts us and we have no energy to do things in their free time that we really love. 

 A 40 hour work-week quickly becomes 60 hours when the boss asks us to take on that extra project!​ 

 So what's the solution here?!​

Teach English In Thailand

Luckily, for those of us that feel this way there's teaching English in Thailand... 

Thailand offers all the vibrancy of South East Asia, with the comforts of high energy, modern cities. 

The hours for teaching English are typically 20 - 30 hours per week, a far cry from the 40 hour workweek! This leaves you with plenty of time to explore the country or work on side projects in or hobbies in your free time. 

Living a fantastic lifestyle costs well under $1000 / month. You can eat out as much as you want with local meals as low as $2, go to cafes, nightclubs and live in a great apartment! 

Then of course there is the fact that you're really making a difference...

Experience Tropical Beaches, Friendly Locals, Amazing Nightlife and Delicious Thai Food. 

One of the most beautiful countries in the world, teaching English in Thailand is the perfect lifestyle job.  

Get paid 30 000 - 40 000 Baht / month to teach local Thai children or adults.

Low living costs and he beautiful country make Thailand the perfect "lifestyle" job. 

Short term contracts of 4.5 months and 6 months are possible.

Make a difference by giving better futures to the youth through English education.

You Can Experience A New Culture, Travel and Make A Difference  

Experience A New Culture

Teaching abroad allows you to live in and experience a new culture for an extended period of time. Picture friendly locals, mouth-watering cuisines, and beautiful tropical beaches. 


Experience the vibrancy of South East Asia and it’s unique history and cultural background, plus easily travel to nearby countries.

Make A Difference

 Learning English is a huge step towards brightening these students’ futures, opening doors that would otherwise be closed to them, and you can personally be a part of it.

How Do I Start My Adventure Teaching Journey? 

Now you know about the amazing opportunity but you have no idea where to start... So I've been out in Asia for nearly 3 years and searching for the best ways to help people get started teaching. As someone who has taught in both South Korea and Vietnam, I know exactly how daunting up and leaving for a new country can be. ​I also know how good it feels to have complete support throughout the process of arriving and beginning teaching... And Finally We Came Up With A Complete Placement Package With An Incredible Guarantee! Absolutely nowhere else have I seen an offer that takes as complete care of you in absolutely every step of the process of getting started teaching... Everything from picking you up from the airport, to training you to be a great teacher, getting you an internationally recognized in-class TEFL certification and best of all GUARANTEEING YOU A JOB! I'm extremely excited to share with you that we're offering such a program.

Introducing The “TEFL In Thailand Course” Our 4 Week Course & Certification On An Island In Thailand

4 Week TEFL Course: Get Teaching English As A Foreign Language certified with our 120 hour fully in-class training. 

Nothing beats real life experience and feedback to prepare you for and help you land a fantastic high paying job!  

Our course is conducted over the period of 4 weeks, with experienced trainers and real classroom time with Thai students.

Get TEFL certified and recieve your ticket to some of the best teaching English jobs in Asia and the rest of the world!

Internationally Recognized TEFL Training 

British Council Standards 

According to the British Council, minimum standards include: at least 100 hours of face-to-face instruction, 6 hours of critically assessed teaching practice and external validation. 

Exceeds British Council Standards 

Our course meets all of the standards, of which the most important aspect is that it must exceed 6 hours of observed teaching practice. Our course contains 8+ hours!

Guaranteed Job

How can we guarantee you a job?

We're so confident in the quality of our certification that we offer an employment guarantee to graduates of our program. Our DELTA qualified trainer and in-person practicals will prepare you to be an effective teacher, nail your interviews and demonstration classes with schools and land a great job.

How does it work?

You're not "placed" in a job, instead you have the freedom to choose between the best offers you receive. Schools often offer longer term contracts with benefits but there are also great short term contracts of 4 - 6 months in Thailand.  

We'll work with you until you obtain a job teaching job paid at market rates. The process can be as quick as landing a job days after you graduate, although it can take 1 - 3 weeks. 

Our Network We have a 100% success rate of our graduates securing jobs due to the large network of schools which you get access to. We will be there to guide you throughout the period of interviewing and doing demonstration classes with these schools, or schools found through other resources we provide, until you land a job. Several schools and agencies contact us first when looking for teachers, as they’ve been so happy with the quality of teachers coming out of our program. Conditions Due to Thailand becoming stricter on the matter, we can only offer the job guarantee on this course to native English speaking degree holders. For those that don’t meet these criteria, we do assist you with finding a job (but cannot extend our guarantee) as we have connections with many schools and agencies and help you to apply for positions. We do also have some contacts that accept teachers without degrees, but you do need to be dynamic and be prepared to do demo lessons. (About 30% of past students don’t have degrees, and most have found work – they were just flexible regarding area). 

Accommodation Options

There are several accomodation options on the island of Koh Samui while on the course that include the one pictured here and in the video. It's 20m from the beach and 500m from the course.

The price for the duration of the course in the pictured accomodation is appromately $450. Another option nearby is $300. We'll help book your accomodation for you.

Course Fee

The total course fee is:

 42 000 Thai Baht. 

A non-refundable deposit of 12 000 baht (approximately $360) is required to reserve your spot on the course, after which the remaniing balance of 30 000 Baht is due on the first day of the course.

Please note: accommodation is not included in the course fee as indicated above.

Course Dates



Program full


Program full


Program full


Program full


Program full


Program full

June course is 3 weeks including 2 saturdays.


Spots filling fast...


Spots filling fast...


Spots filling fast...


Spots filling fast...








June is a 3 week course including 2 saturdays.





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  • Includes 120 hour, 4 week TEFL training and certification, 
  • Airport collection,
  • Teacher's bag full of stationery and supplies
  • island tour during the first week of your course. 

You pay $330 after Skype interview to reserve your spot.

Then $850 on first day of the course.

Watch Series 1 On The Course 

And Series 2 On The Course

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 So, looking forward to hearing from you and getting the ball rolling!

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P.S. The courses run every month, however, course spots usually fill up several months before the course begins. It's best to apply several months in advance in order to secure your spot.

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