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Zipline In Korea | Herb Hillz Eco-Adventure, Daegu

zipline in korea herb hillz daegu

If you're getting tired of city life and want to do something exciting in nature without traveling too far, then the zipline in Korea at Herb Hillz  is a great idea.

It's only a 20 minute bus ride from downtown Daegu and Herb Hillz has enough cool stuff to do to make a day out of it.

The place is a kind of theme park come eco-adventure course. There are weird little stores, bumper cars, a herb garden, some ponies and of course the canopy-top zipline course.

I originally thought the ziplining would be be a single long ride. In fact, it was multiple zip lines placed in-between a range of canopy-top obstacles, including bridges, ladders and even a snowboard that slides between the trees.

It was awesome to do the course with my GoPro headstraped to me. I think it gives you a cool sense of what its like being up there.

So check out the video:

Zipline in Korea

The Course

zipline in korea herb hillz daegu

The King Kong course (second to hardest) starts off with a climbing wall, that isn't too difficult, but is about a 10m high. If you're afraid of heights, though, its's an intense start to things.

Other than that, you'll experience a range of different tree-to-tree bridges, swings and nets.

Perhaps the scariest part is a short ladder going right up to the top of a tree where the second zipline starts. As someone who did rock climbing for years, I'm not really afraid of heights, but I still had a few "Woooaaahh" moments.

Overall, the course was really cool and not particularly difficult to navigate.

The Ziplines

zipline in korea herb hillz daeguThe ziplines are definitely the most fun part. There are 4 main ziplines on the King Kong course, which is the most popular one.

You strap in, jump off and slide to the far side of the line. I love that there are multiple chances to do this on the course. If it's just a once off ride, you usually want more.

You're All On your Own

The best part of the whole course is that you're left to do it entirely on your own.

Other than a short safety demonstration where the instructor shows you how to handle your gear so that you don't fall to your death, the rest of the course you navigate by yourself.

This includes making sure at least one of the two carabiners connected to your harness is also connected to a rope or tree. I had a dizzying moment when I realized I'd unclipped both at the same time, right up near the canopy top, and realized there was nothing protecting from falling 30m to the ground.

This self reliance makes it that much more exciting.

Overall I highly recommend doing this zipline in Korea.

Have you been ziplining in Korea before? Leave a comment below.


Price: 20 000 won ($20) for entrance and course,  8000 won ($8) for entrance only.

Address: Daegu-si Dalseong-gun Gachang-myeon Yonggye-ri 534-1

Take the red bus: #449, 452, 704, Gachang 2(bound for Ureuk), Express Line No.2

Official Eco Adventure Website:



13 thoughts on “Zipline In Korea | Herb Hillz Eco-Adventure, Daegu

  1. Nathan Anderson on

    Awesome! I’ve heard a lot about Herb Hillz but have never made it there. I love rock climbing, but am also afraid of heights. I think this would be really fun for me. Looking forward to trying it out soon 🙂

    Great footage, btw!

  2. Rene on

    ….love the gopro footage! …especially viewed from under my warm duvet. In the air there’d be more than a few “WHOOOAAAAS” as I’m quite acrophobic. Interestingly, research suggests that this fear (like that of loud noises)- is an ‘inborn’ evolutionary adaptation to a world where falling poses risk. This is opposed to other phobias that develop through being linked to/associated with a specific trauma/event. eg. fear of frogs (or ‘ranidaphobia’) because when you were little your bullying brother woke you up in the middle of the night by putting a frog on your face, or …according to Wikipedia: “Phobia against frogs often happens after seeing frogs die violently. One case of severe fear of frogs has been described in Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry in 1983: a woman developed an extreme fear of frogs after a traumatic incident in which her lawn mower ran over a group of frogs and killed them”

  3. Meagan | on

    I’ve heard some really great things about Herb Hillz, but I’ve never checked it out for myself. Not sure it’s right for me because I’m terrified of heights. Is there much else to do there? For instance, I seem to remember someone telling me there was a small zoo..?

    1. Alex Stevenson on

      Yeah there’s a bunch of small amusement park type rides and activities. It’s definitely a pretty place just to go and hangout, and cheap if you aren’t doing the course.

  4. Carl on

    Wow, that looks pretty awesome! Reminds me of the course we did while in Thailand. Thanks for sharing!

  5. alex on

    So awesome yoh!!

    the music and first person gopro makes it feel like playing a video game haha!

    looks so amazing wish there was something like that here! looks like a ninja training camp! 🙂 so cool that they leave you to your own devices but that “dizzying moment when I realized I’d unclipped both at the same time” whoaaa!

    more vids! 🙂

    miss ya bro!

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